I. General Provisions

1. These regulations define the rules for making purchases in the online store mybasic.pl operating at the address: mybasic.pl, which is run by the Seller.

2. Whenever the Regulations refer to:

a) Sellers - it means MyBasic Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp.k. with headquarters in Izabelin B (05-080), ul. Rzędziana 11, entered into the register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, 14th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under number 0000777383, REGON number 382855056, NIP number 1182191123.

b) Customer - it means any entity placing an Order in the Store (a Consumer or a person without the status of a Consumer).

c) Consumer - it is understood as a natural person making a legal transaction with the Seller (sales contract via the Store) not directly related to its business or professional activity (Article 221 of the Civil Code).

d) Store - it is understood as a platform for the sale of Goods and the provision of services offered by the Seller, run by the Seller through the websites available in the domain: mybasic.pl.

e) Regulations - it shall mean these regulations.

f) Goods or Goods - it means goods offered by the Seller for retail sale available in the Store.

g) Price - it should be understood as the gross price (including tax) of the Goods placed next to the information about the Goods, expressed in Polish zlotys or other currency, not including the costs of delivering the Goods (unless the terms of the Store's promotion provide otherwise).

h) Suppliers - it means Poczta Polska or a courier company cooperating with the Seller.

i) Costs of delivering the Goods - it means the fees for delivering the Goods to the Customer.

j) Order - it means an order for Goods or Goods placed by the Customer in the Store in accordance with these Regulations. in the Store is possible 24 hours a day, all days of the year.

k) Cart - it is understood as a service made available to each Customer who uses the Store, consisting in enabling him to easily purchase one or more Goods, entering discount codes enabling a Price reduction (on the terms set out in separate agreements / regulations), displaying a summary of the Price of individual and all Goods (including shipping costs, if applicable), displaying the expected date of delivery of the Goods.

3. The Seller declares that all Goods offered in the mybasic.pl Store are brand new.

4. The information provided on the Store's website does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. Information about the Goods along with the indication of the Prices presented on the Store's website constitute an invitation to submit offers by customers.

5. The Seller has the right to change the price of the Goods, introduce and withdraw the Goods, grant discounts on individual Goods and carry out and cancel promotions. However, this does not limit the rights acquired by customers in any way.

6. A limited number of Goods is intended for promotional sales and sales, and Orders are processed in the order in which Orders are received for these Goods, until the stocks covered by this form of sale are exhausted.

7. Coupons and discount vouchers do not add up and cannot be exchanged for cash or an equivalent in kind.

8. In the case of returning a full-value product that has been purchased with a discount resulting from an ongoing marketing campaign, the Customer will be paid the amount appropriately reduced by the value of the discount granted. The discount will be assigned in proportion to the value of each Good from the Customer's Order.

9. Store customers are prohibited from providing illegal content and using the Store or services provided by the Seller by the Customer in a manner that is against the law, decency or infringing personal rights of third parties.

10. The store is obliged to apply the code of good practice pursuant to Art. 2 points 5 of the Act of 23 August 2007 on Counteracting Unfair Market Practices understood as a set of rules of conduct, in particular ethical and professional standards, of entrepreneurs who have undertaken to comply with them in relation to one or more market practices.

II. Types, scope and conditions of services provided electronically

1. The Seller sells the Goods via the mybasic.pl Store and provides free of charge, inter alia, the following services for clients:

a) Enabling customers to set up an account, place Orders, view the content placed in the Store, view advertising content, receive information about the status of Orders, etc.

b) Newsletter.

2. The condition for the provision of services specified in the Regulations is to read the Regulations and accept its provisions.

3. Services provided electronically on the basis of these Regulations consist in enabling the use of the mybasic.pl Store in order to conclude a sales contract and its implementation, and the Newsletter service consists in sending a message containing information about the current offer.

4. The Newsletter service is free of charge and requires consent to the sending of commercial information, as well as indicating the e-mail address and telephone number to which the messages are to be sent.

5. In order to use the services provided on the basis of these Regulations, the Customer should have:

a) web browser: Internet Explorer version not older than 8.0 or Mozilla FireFox version not older than 9.0 or Chrome version not older than 10.0 or Opera version not older than 10.0 or Safari version not older than 10.0

b) Java Script support enabled,

c) enabled cookies,

d) an active e-mail account (e-mail address).

III. Conditions for the implementation of the Order

1. After registering and logging in to the website mybasic.pl, the Customer places an Order, indicating the Goods or Goods he / she is interested in, by selecting the "ADD TO CART" command on the website of the given Goods, and then indicating in the Basket method of delivery and payment, and confirmation of the Order.

2. Registration activities are performed once. The login and password determined by the Customer are confidential.

3. By clicking the "ORDER AND PAY" button, the Customer sends an Order to the Store and submits an offer to the Seller to conclude a sales contract. After placing the Order, the Customer receives an e-mail confirming the acceptance of the Order (list of selected Goods, delivery address, value of the Order, payment method, shipping method). This e-mail does not constitute a declaration of acceptance of the offer and conclusion of the sales contract. The contract is concluded only after the Store confirms the availability of the Goods and accepts the Customer's offer, which will be confirmed by a separate e-mail sent to the Customer after completing his Order.

4. The acceptance of the Order for execution begins:

a) in the case of Orders paid on delivery (cash on delivery) - upon receipt of the Order confirmation,

b) in the case of Orders paid by bank transfer and via PayU or PayLane - after the prepayment is credited to the Store's account,

c) in the case of Orders paid with a credit or payment card (via the PayU, PayPal or PayLane system) - at the time of correct authorization of the card.

5. Execution of Customers' Orders takes place on business days (excluding the days of closed storehouses), usually within 72 hours from the moment the Customer confirms the Order or the full payment for the Order is credited by the Store. The Seller reserves the right to extend this period to 10 working days in justified cases.

6. If the same Customer places more than one order in the Store at the same time to the same delivery address, the Seller reserves the right to combine the Orders into one and send them to the Customer in a collective packaging.

7. The goods covered by the Order are delivered to the Customer by the Seller together with a document containing the summary of the Order. In addition, the Customer receives a sales document from the Seller, i.e. a fiscal receipt, VAT invoice or order confirmation, delivered with the Order or sent separately to the Customer's e-mail address.

8. The Customer hereby agrees to receive and previously issue and send to the Customer by electronic means VAT invoices, corrective VAT invoices and their duplicates in relation to the services provided and the Goods sold to the Customer by the Seller. VAT invoices, corrective VAT invoices and their duplicates will be sent by e-mail as an attachment in PDF format.

IV. Payment rules

1. The payment for the Goods and the costs of delivering the Goods may be paid according to the following options:

a) in cash (cash on delivery) in the case of delivery of the Goods by the Supplier,

b) by credit card - using a system that allows online payments on the Store's website, in a situation where the card held by the Customer gives him such an option,

c) bank transfer and online transfers via PayU or PayLane.

2. The customer who makes the payment by bank transfer, via the payment operator (eg PayU, PayLane, PayPal) or by credit card should pay for the Goods together with delivery costs within 5 working days from the conclusion of the sales contract. After this date, the Seller's offer is not binding. It is possible to extend the payment deadline after agreeing with the Seller.

3. Payments are handled by the following companies: PayU S.A. with headquarters in Poznań, at ul. Grunwaldzka 186, postal code: 60-166, KRS: 0000274399; PayLane sp.z o.o. with headquarters in Gdańsk at ul. Norwida 4, postal code: 80-280, KRS: 0000227278; PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A with headquarters at L-1150 in Luxembourg.

V. Delivery of the ordered Goods

1. Delivery of the Order takes place by sending the ordered Goods to the address indicated by the Customer through the available forwarding services, eg Polish Post or a courier company. The cost of the order is added to the cost of shipping in accordance with the table of shipping costs for a given country. The table also lists the countries to which deliveries are made.

2. The customer is asked to check the condition of the shipment upon receipt. In the event of a loss or damage to the item, please take all actions necessary to determine the liability of the carrier, especially to write a protocol specifying the condition of the shipment and the circumstances of the damage, and to be signed by the carrier and the recipient of the shipment at the same time.

3. In the event that the shipment is not collected by the Customer, the cost of returning the shipment to the Seller's address shall be borne in full by the Customer.

4. In the event of ineffective delivery of the ordered Goods via the Supplier due to the fault of the Customer, the Seller will re-ship it provided that the costs are covered by the Customer. In the event of failure to collect the ordered Goods twice, the Seller reserves the right to withdraw from the contract due to non-performance by the Customer and to cease providing electronic services to him. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the Seller will reimburse the Customer for the payment for the Goods less delivery costs that the Seller had to bear.

VI. The right to withdraw from the contract

1. The consumer has the right to withdraw from this contract within 30 days without giving any reason and without incurring costs, except for the direct costs of returning items that the consumer is obliged to bear on his own. The deadline to withdraw from the contract expires after 30 days from the date of receipt of the Goods.

2. In order to exercise the right to withdraw from the contract, the Customer must inform the Store about it by submitting a declaration of withdrawal from the contract. The declaration may be submitted on the form template available at mybasic.pl/zwroty-i-reklamacje,48 (however, it is not obligatory). The statement should be sent by post or to the e-mail address: dobry@mybasic.pl.

3. If the Customer submitted a declaration of withdrawal from the sales contract before the Seller accepted his offer, the offer ceases to be binding.

4. The Customer is responsible for the decrease in the value of the Product as a result of using it in a way that goes beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Product.

5. In order to meet the deadline for withdrawing from the contract, it is sufficient for the Customer to send information regarding the exercise of his right to withdraw from the contract before the deadline to withdraw from the contract.

6. In the event of withdrawal from this contract, the Store returns all payments received from the Customer, including the costs of delivering the goods (except for additional costs resulting from the method of delivery chosen by the Customer other than the cheapest standard delivery method offered by the Store), immediately, and in any case not later than 14 calendar days from the date on which the Store was informed about the Customer's decision to exercise the right to withdraw from the contract.

7. The Store, in the event of withdrawal from the contract, undertakes to return the amount transferred for the purchased Goods together with the charges for their delivery (except for additional costs resulting from the method of delivery chosen by the Customer other than the cheapest standard delivery method offered by the Store), such the same manner in which it was made by the customer within no later than 14 days. In the case of payment on delivery, the amount paid will be refunded only to the bank account. It is enough for the Customer to send an e-mail with the account number and the Order number to the address: kontakt@mybasic.pl. The seller may withhold the reimbursement until receipt of the item or until proof of its return is provided to him, depending on which event occurs first.

8. The Customer should return the Goods to the Seller immediately, and in any case not later than 14 days from the date on which the Customer informed the Store about the withdrawal from the contract. To meet the deadline, it is enough to return the Goods to the Seller's address before the deadline.

9. Return shipping address: a) MyBasic Sp. z o.o. Sp.k., ul. Pocztowa 2 lok. 15, 05-082 Stare Babice.

VII. Complaints procedure

1. For Customers who are Consumers, the Seller is responsible for the non-compliance of the Goods with the contract. In the case of Customers who are not Consumers, the Seller is liable under the terms of the Civil Code.

2. Any complaints related to the Goods may be submitted by the Customer in any form. We prefer the written form to the address of the Seller's registered office.

3.The Store is liable for non-compliance of the Goods sold with the contract, when the item sold by it has a defect reducing the value of the item, the usefulness of the item, if the item does not have the properties that the Store provided in the description of the Good, when the item was delivered incomplete, incomplete , and at the time of concluding the contract, the customer did not know about it.

4. The condition for retaining the right to use the complaint is notification of the defect within 24 months from the date of delivery of the Goods. The customer has the right to: withdraw from the contract, reduce the price, replace the defective item with another, without a defect, remove the defect. The complaint will be considered by the Store within 14 days from the date of receipt of the advertised Goods along with the required documents.

5. In the case of a complaint by post, please indicate the reasons for the complaint and the information necessary to identify the Order. The "Complaint" form (available at mybasic.pl/zwroty-i-reklamacje,48) may be used to submit a complaint, which should be printed and then returned with the defective Goods to the Seller's address below.

6. Please send the advertised Goods to the following address: a) MyBasic Sp. z o.o. Sp.k., Pocztowa 2 lok. 15, 05-082 Stare Babice.

VIII. Personal data protection

1. The Seller is the administrator of the Customer's personal data processed as part of the Store.

2. The user remains anonymous until the first purchase in the Store, subscription to the electronic newsletter (newsletter) or filling out the contact form on the Store's website. In these cases, it is required to provide specific contact details, which are then sent to the Store.

3. The Customer's personal data is processed in order to conclude contracts via the Store and to fulfill orders placed via the Store, ie pursuant to art. 6 sec. 1 letter b) of the GDPR. Customers' personal data may also be processed by the Seller for statistical and archiving purposes, and for the purpose of pursuing claims related to the execution of orders placed via the Store, i.e. pursuant to art. 6 sec. 1 letter f) GDPR.

4. Providing personal data by the Customer is voluntary, but the lack of consent to the processing of personal data makes it impossible to register and execute the Customer's orders in the Store. The customer has the right to access and correct the personal data provided, as well as to request deletion of data.

5. The Seller will process the Customers' personal data for the entire duration of the Customer's profile in the Store, for the duration of the orders, as well as for the full five years following the year in which the Customer placed the last order in the Store.

6. Customers' personal data processed in the Store are or may be transferred to other persons with the help of whom the Seller provides services available in the Store, such as an IT company, hosting provider, accounting company, courier / shipping company, postal operator.

7. The customer has the right to access personal data processed in the Store, the right to request rectification or limitation of processing, the right to transfer this data, and in justified cases the right to object to the processing. In the event that the processing of the Customer's personal data takes place on the basis of the consent granted by him, i.e. in order to subscribe to the electronic newsletter (newsletter), the Customer has the right to withdraw consent to the processing of data. The following rights are exercised by contacting the Seller using the contact details provided on our website.

8. In justified cases, the customer has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory body regarding irregularities in the processing of his personal data, ie to the Office for Personal Data Protection.

IX. Final Provisions

1. The Regulations enter into force on April 1, 2019.

2. The Seller, for important reasons, reserves the right to amend the Regulations. Customers will be informed about the change in the Regulations on the Store's website. Amendments to the Regulations enter into force on the date indicated by the Seller, not less than 7 days from the date of publication of the information about the change and the amended regulations on the Store's home page. Events commenced before the date of entry into force of the new regulations must be conducted on the basis of the existing rules, and the changes may not infringe the rights of the Customer resulting from Orders placed before the change was introduced.

3. In matters not covered by the Regulations, the provisions of generally applicable law shall apply, in particular the provisions of the Civil Code and the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights.

4. Any disputes related to the services provided by the Store will be settled by common courts. The Customer who is a Consumer has the option of using an out-of-court method of considering complaints and pursuing claims before the Permanent Consumer Arbitration Court at the Provincial Inspector.

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